Cancer weekly horoscope november 17

No case of the Mondays for you, Aries! Leave work a lil early and socialize with your friends under the Aquarius Moon.

Planetary Row

You feel and show off your tender side when Mars enters your sensitive sector on Thursday. Mercury retrograde also helps you avoid messy confrontation when dealing with any uncomfortable emotions.

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The Most Valuable Employee is you, Taurus! Your focus and productivity is off the charts.

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Leverage your successes well. Mars lights up your friendship sector on Friday, motivating you to connect more frequently. Possible power struggles could occur while Mercury is retrograde in your intimacy and honesty sector. Optimism is practical, Gemini! The Moon helps you see on the bright side so you can positively transform everything in your path. Mars lights up your career, helping you advance and overcome any obstacles on Friday. Be brave in the pursuit of your bliss!

Mercury retrogrades in your romance sector, resurfacing unresolved issues or past lovers. You want the real deal, Cancer. The Moon ignites your passion for intimate and authentic connections. So make them happen!


Perhaps internationally? Just make sure you focus on the details while Mercury retrogrades in your health and wellness sector. The Moon electrifies the week with opposites-attract chemistry, so be more open to those who aren't your usual type. Mars enters your sexuality and secrets chamber on Friday, making you a cat in heat all fall and winter.

Mercury retrogrades in your confidence and courage sector, so try not to get hijacked by useless comparisons or insecurity. On Friday, Mars lights up your romance sector, helping you both focus and find the love you crave.

Cancer Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope June 17-24 2019

Mercury also retrogrades in your home and sensitivity zone, so cultivate the skills for emotional resilience to keep your brilliant peace of mind. Live and love loudly, Libra.

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Mars enters your organization and health zone on Friday, helping you find success from your routine. Mercury retrogrades in your thinking and communication sector, so avoid making up fictional stories in your head. Ask questions to clarify! Happy Scorpio season , Scorpio! On their quest for Self, they could stumble upon ego challenges and find themselves torn between different people, opinions and circumstances that all seem to be useless on the greater scale of things.

They need enough distance to pull their ideas through and remember what they can do when they are centered and aware of their true role in the world.

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  7. A bit burdened by all those situations and close contacts that take away their freedom, they could be torn between their desire to connect with their partner in oneness, and their personal rush to be free from any form of pressure. This requires absolute honesty and a relationship of clarity and loyalty with enough dedication on both parties to make it work. To give in and trust someone, they are to found their romance on solid and understanding communication, shared causes and ideas, and enough personal freedom flowing both ways.

    A Scorpio born on November 17th feels good in a workplace where things change often enough, in a modern environment, and does well with computers and technology that is way ahead of our time. They are scientists, programmers and managers, turned to non-government facilities and projects that are freelance and turned to the wellbeing of the collective consciousness.

    They could fit into a team as if they were always meant to be a part of it, but also go to another extreme of standing out until they are cast out by circumstances or other people. Excellent friends to those who share the same frequency, they do well with people for as long as they keep their personal space intact. To help with memory loss or thoughts that are too fast and spin out of control, diaspore is an excellent choice of stone for those born on November 17th. It will help them organize their mind and get it in tune with the past and the present in ways that are productive and meaningful.

    It is a crystal that aids adaptation to change, relieving them from stress and burnout that is typically following intense steps they take forwards and against the rest of the world. For the birthday of someone born on the 17th of November, you should organize a surprise party where their special circle of friends will be invited.

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    Think about some fireworks, electronic music, or a modern club where people are free to dress as they like. They will enjoy a piece of clothing in irregular patterns and colors, something silver, shiny and asymmetrical, or a new piece of equipment they can type their thoughts into. An exotic mind gives them the advantage to move quickly.

    They are good friends, flexible and free to express their authentic nature, with a great mind to brainstorm and think of new solutions to problems that need to transform into something useful or entirely different. Torn between outer expectations and their own desires, they could feel inadequate and limit movements of others trying to push their ideas through.

    When oppressed, they get stressed, neurotic, and too unpredictable in environments that require stability to make progress. Scorpio - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Scorpio man - information and insights on the Scorpio man.

    Love and Compatibility for November 17 Zodiac

    Scorpio woman - information and insights on the Scorpio woman. Scorpio compatibility - the compatibility of Scorpio with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life.